Get the Materials Where You Need Them

Get the Materials Where You Need Them

We’ll operate the Telebelt system at your site

Concrete can’t always be delivered right where you need it. While a truck can bring it to your site, there are times the mixture is needed up a hill or across a foundation. Rock Products will operate a Telebelt at your site to transfer materials where you need them.

The truck-mounted telescopic belt conveyors offer versatility and convenience. They can place high volumes of material with efficiency. Call 989-754-6589 to schedule Telebelt services at your job site.

Telebelts are great for congested job sites

Our crew will bring the machine to your location and operate it. Our telebelts can reach up to 126 feet for effective delivery of:






The Telebelt moves any bulk material in a fast, effective process. Contact Rock Products today to learn more about the Telebelt system for your commercial or residential project.